Santa Fe workshop 2015

susan lenart kazmerI find myself planning and organizing my next year with with a light heart and less structure in my life. My children are older and I am finding that my time has cleared……maybe even a whole winter open for studio time..Demands are less as I journal out my next moves in my life as an artist. I am keeping this information somewhat quiet….even to myself. Especially to myself. Precious time can be used up so quickly. One thing that I  guard well in my life is my time.  So……teaching vs designer fashion line vs studio/ large production pieces…..Maybe there will be time for all?

Anyways,  I decided to go back to Sante Fe and teach a few workshops. I can’t wait to soak in the high culture and ancient history of this town. Gallery’s will be amazing. I am teaching some pretty cool cutting edge workshops for jewelers. Liquid enamels and graffito….caging common objects…So check it out..Im excitedSusan Lenart Kazmer Mixed Media Jewelry