Building Bezels and Boxes

Building Bezels and Boxes Jewelry

Building Bezels and Boxes Jewelry

March 31-April 2
3 Day Workshop
By Susan Lenart Kazmer

Building Bezels and Boxes JewelryThroughout history, Talismans and prayer boxes have been worn purposely and used to enhance and bring the qualities, prayers or specific intentions imbedded into these boxes into fruition. These boxes and containers are constructed into beautiful, purposeful and wearable adornment to be carried for protection, power and love. The repetition of wearing a prayer box embeds the intentions deeply and profoundly into the wearers life.

In this 3 day workshop format, spread out and prepare to deeply engage in learning some of my most recent personal signature techniques and work. Learn the very practical skills of of building 3 dimensional unique sterling silver bezel and box forms by soldering and constructing as well as keeping intention and embedding your personal and powerful Talismans. Be prepared to open up creatively and allow yourself to create the extraordinary.

Techniques to be covered include soldering with hard, medium and EZ solder, sweat soldering, building a hollow form, piercing with jewelers saw, clean up and finish work. Learn to work with stones and personal objects. Explore the use of altering wire to create nailheads and hobnail to adorn a bezel and make it your own.  Explore the use symbolism using the techniques of etching and engraving and throughout the medium of silver wire, thread,objects and shredded ribbon and formula for industrial patina.

Building Bezels and Boxes JewelryPrerequisite –  general soldering skills

Tuition: $950. 3 days

Kit fee $95.00 sterling silver 24 gauge sheet, gallery wire, 16 gauge sterling silver wire,stone,  threads. All solder and expendables.

Please bring- chain and round nose pliers, wire snips, small flat file 01 or similar, jewelers saw, 03 blade (or close), bench pin, awl

I will provide for sharing- Extra tools- optional-magnifiers, small non asbestos soldering pad,  I will provide butane gas, MAPP, torch heads, flux, solder, annealing pan, paint brush, soldering pick, soldering brick, tweezers, locking tweezers, torch head,  stone for setting

The Screw Factory Artist Loft : 13000 Athens Avenue,  Cleveland Ohio

Building Bezels and Boxes Jewelry Building Bezels and Boxes Jewelry