Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire Workshop Series

September 27-29 Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire Workshop Series at Susan’s Studio, Cleveland, OH

3 days workshop series : Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire

One of the most distinctive and prominent details in my current work is in building and constructing hand hammered forged wire forms that compliment my overall jewelry appearances. In this workshop, explore this concept and other thought provoking ideas in jewelry adornment shapes, forms and detail to create a unique bangle bracelet.
Build in bronze and Utilize the technique of drawing a bead on small and large gauge wire to create an industrial nail head appearance and expression. Use layers of wire in length and width to create the Talismans shape of the circle, worn for endless life and triangle, worn for strength, action and power. Find your own Talismans vibe while learning practical metal working techniques.
Annealing, hand-hammering, heat join, EZ solder are all reviewed in this workshop.

Kit includes 16,12,14 gauge bronze wire, sterling silver 16 gauge, soldering material, sand paper

Supply List- Wire snips, round needle nose and chain nose pliers, practical junk pliers for picking up heated metal (please do not buy), hammer, anvil or bench block, small file,

If you are local you can bring a flexible shaft, 52 drill bit and wood to drill into
Optional- if you want to work in sterling silver bring 2 oz 12 gauge round dead soft wire,

Day 1- enamels

Day 2- forging and caging wire – leather

Day 3- caging objects

includes lunches & kits
space is limited to 8 students

The Screw Factory Artist Loft : 13000 Athens Avenue,  Cleveland Ohio