Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire

Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire Workshop with Susan Lenart KazmerForge, Cage, Wire and Fire


September 27-29, 2019
3 Day Workshop
By Susan Lenart Kazmer

Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire Workshop with Susan Lenart KazmerIn my current work, which I am recently known for is a distinctive and prominent detail in building and constructing hand hammered, forged wire forms that I build to create an uncommon industrial look while encompassing stones and objects. This allows complete exposure to the unique details of my object and can be viewed from all sides and angles.

In this 3 day workshop, explore this concept and other thought provoking ideas in jewelry adornment shapes, forms, height, dimension and detail to create extraordinary jewelry. Learn some of my confidential information and formulas in this retreat where students can spread out and explore. Build in sterling silver and learn my technique for nailheads, paddle prongs,attachments with drawing a bead, unusual attachments by caging and industrial patinas.

Begin with a full day of enamel
In this hands on workshop you will learn techniques to add color, shape and form to your jewelry work as you manipulate copper sheet metal and wire in combination with vibrant and versatile liquid and glass enamel. Learn additional surface techniques such as sgraffito, a scratching away technique that exposes another color fired underneath and crackle effects.  Make marks, text and symbolism using graphite.

Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire Workshop with Susan Lenart KazmerAll enamels are finished and set by Torch firing and use multiple firing with a torch and tripod.

Continue with the next two days of exploring and building unique cage like bezel forms to encase enamel components or druzy stone using an open form technique created from forged wire. Learn unusual attachment ideas for attaching and encasing.

In this 6 hour smithing class learn to anneal, solder, pick solder, shape, draw a bead and all skills to create cage-like jewelry to set a stone.

Learn proper metalworking techniques for soldering, shaping and clean up.  Learn some short cuts and ideal techniques for teaching soldering Students will leave with a complete neck form and pendant.

Tuition: $850

Kit- $95.00- Druzy stone, all enamel materials including liquid enamels, graphite,sgraffito tool, copper sheet metal, sterling silver sheet metal, 16 gauge silver wire, 20 gauge silver disc, 14 gauge sterling silver wire, soldering materials, sandpaper,  expendables.

Supply List- Please bring- Wire snips, round needle nose and chain nose pliers, small hammer, anvil or bench block, small file, jewelers saw, 02 saw blades, tin snips,
Extras- Awl, locking tweezers, regular tweezers, soldering pick, annealing pan, extra sterling silver wire any gauge you can easily bring, but not necessary.

The Screw Factory Artist Loft : 13000 Athens Avenue,  Cleveland Ohio

Forge, Cage, Wire and Fire Workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer