The Ballerina

Susan Lenart KazmerThe Ballerina, Circus Troupe Series, 38”L+5”W +5”D

The Ballerina is the second in the Circus Troupe Series- a figure that will disassemble and convert to wearable jewelry. Her adornment consists of 3 rings, 2 bracelets, and 1 necklace.

If I am successful in using my medium as a voice, no written description is needed for my viewer, only the visual impact that this art piece leaves upon us. With her skeletal rib cage and one key word imprinted in her head, Pain, we begin to what she is about. Her dance skirt, a crocheted bracelet sprinkled with charms, Talismans, altered objects and ribbon, bright in color and fun to wear, as if saying, The Show Must go On. She also contains a very practical hoop skirt which is formed with a tight weave of hand hammered sterling silver and converts to a second bracelet.

Her necklace is a tassel of beadwork, text altered ribbon that can be removed and worn by releasing the key from a lock.

Last, the, Letters to my Lover Ring/prayer box sits at the very bottom of this piece and can be removed and worn. This piece, to me, with a fortune sealed inside, seems to have the same concept of prayer boxes I had seen and collected from ancient India. In India, prayers or affirmations written on paper, were inserted into boxes, sealed and worn for protection or to gain the attributes as to what was written on the in scripted paper. Letters to my Lover, ring is composed of my own hand written personal journal notes to my husband that were torn and rendered transparent. The structure is of fabricated silver wire and cold joined.

Other techniques include casting, soldering, cold join hinging, crochet, weaving and stitching.