Marionette 01 – The Key to Freedom is in His Head


This figure, Marionette 01 was inspired by my favorite artist, Toulouse-Lautrec. I also drew from my experiences in life and childhood memories of visiting Las Vegas with my father. We stayed at Circus, Circus and what a different world that was! Such gaudiness and flamboyancy Las Vegas owned. I loved watching the obsessed, pale-faced gamblers and weary, sad women acting so joyfully. I felt discouragement, guilt, loneliness and excitement swirling around and emitting from the denizens of this seamy world. As a young girl, I felt mixed emotions watching this world. As I grew older, I was drawn to fascinating experiences like these.

This piece is the first in a new series of circus figures. Once a man, he has become an absurd circus character led around as a marionette and made to move to another’s will. We can manipulate his dance. The head I created by pouring transparent resin into a hand built mold. In it lies the only key to open the lock and free him from his bonds. In this neckpiece I used cold connections like riveting, stapling and drawing a bead, as well as soldering, to transform sterling, base metal and found objects into a lively marionette.

The key to Freedom toured museums with an award of ‘MOST INNOVATIVE USE OF THE MEDIUM’

Necklace dimensions- 14”L + 12”W + 8”D