The Opera Singer


The Opera Singer, Circus Troupe Series 16”L + 5”W + 5”D

The OPERA SINGER is the first figure in a series of work called, THE Circus Troupe. She sits in a frame and poses as a jewelry holder. This figure carries a collection of removable and wearable jewelry. Her adornment consists of four rings, a woven thumb ring, two pairs hoop earrings, three fiber bangle bracelets, a stack of twelve sterling silver bangles and Letters to my Lover charm bracelet as her skirt. A weary but gaudy singer, worn down from life’s performances, she is composed of a woven sterling silver woven cage with a music holder as her spine. Her arms are built to lift up and down and allow removal of the stack of bracelets. Her head also can be removed by threaded attachment for release of woven ring and earrings.

Letters to my Lover, is adornment or the tutu from the Opera Singer and converts into a charm bracelet to be worn. It is a play between fragility and strength. Built from personal journal notes written to my husband, torn and rendered translucent, I applied them to sterling silver organic, hand hammered forms. Other components are cast objects, altered wire and beads.
She also contains a collection of four rings she wears as her hats. Her main piece, the Slush ring, is descriptive of who she is and composed of text altered fiber, a cast silver component and dictionary paper. Techniques include a cold join attachment.
Materials used are sterling silver wire and sheet metal, resin, fiber, feathers and paper. Techniques used are solder and cold join metal techniques, casting, weaving and stitching.