Building + Exploring Talismans and Amulets Workshop


Using personal objects, shapes and symbolism to create adornment.

October 2, 3 & 4 2020

Throughout history in ancient and even present cultures wearable adornment and jewelry have been created and built not only to hold beauty but to capture particular qualities for healing, protection and bringing about a particular dynamic energy such as love, strength, protection and abundance.

My own personal work is built on the foundation from many years of traveling, exploring and studying purposeful adornment, fashion, costume and the creation of Talismans, Amulets and powerful, magical objects through many countries and culture.

In this workshop learn to Create personal, powerful and influential adornment built by applying layers of vibrationally matched objects, symbolism, color, shape and form. Explore your personal voice while learning to layer and assemble sterling silver soldering techniques and connections.

In this workshop, learn to burn into sticks and bone, rub colors and create wraps of fiber to produce your own object to set in silver. Pendant or ring format. I will introduce bezel setting such as caging, prong attachments and wire.

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Located @ Susan’s Studio in Cleveland, OHIO.