Intentional Metalsmithing Masterclass – Invitation Only


May 15-17, 2020 : Intentional Metalsmithing Masterclass @ Susan’s Studio, Cleveland, OH

By Invitation Only

Consider this thought provoking and exploratory method to contain a stone using my traditional and non traditional process of stone setting. You will emerge with beautiful ring or pendant that is characteristic to your own personal style.

Build layers and learn techniques for constructing unique jewelry.  Your choice of sterling silver bezel wire- filigree, crown, serrated or traditional to add individuality and charm to your work.

In this hands on workshop, you will build and strengthen soldering skills using  metalworking techniques to build a box bezel out of sterling silver and unique attachment.

Use a combination of hard, medium and EZ solder in this process. Learn practical metal cleanup and polish, filing, sanding and finishing to create a small wearable talismans amulet of stone and metal worn for strength.

Use my method of patinas to create a brushed steel vibe or chose your own. Complete your component or charm in class to wear.



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Kit includes sterling silver sheet, filigree wire, 16 gauge round wire,use of flux, solders, paint brush, stone (hopefully druze as the market allows) & leather

please bring-  jewelers saw (size 3 blade), bench pin, chain nose, needle nose pliers, wire snips, awl, chain nose and needle nose pliers, burnisher, small file, optional-magnifiers, tweezers,

optional- stones

I will provide non asbestos soldering blocks, butane gas and torches, solder, flux, soldering picks, paintbrush, patinas, small metal file, pickle pot, sand paper, flexible shaft, drill bits

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