Collection Pan Arab Winter 2019

RESIN ALCHEMY Resin Alchemy Innovative Techniques for Mixed-Media and Jewelry Artists  Discover one of the hottest trends in mixed media–resin! Join mixed-media and jewelry artist Susan Lenart Kazmer as she opens new frontiers in her application of resin techniques. Resin Alchemy offers detailed step-by-step technique tutorials on using resin, from the basics of mixing and pouring, to using bezels, to key metalworking techniques that expand design options. She explores creating artistic effects with: – Color – Found objects – Texture – Casting – Collage – And, more! It doesn’t stop there! Learn how to incorporate stories, words, meaningful images, and more in the layers of your resin jewelry. Susan shares her wealth of tips for collecting great found objects and for layering and encasing stories–in short, how to bring both great technique and great imagination to bear on jewelry making. Throughout the book, you’ll enjoy easy step-by-step projects and finished pieces!  Making Connections A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed Media Artists Strong jewelry requires a strong foundation, and that means using metal. A metal foundation supports, links and strengthens fragile elements like fibers and papers, and allows them to be layered and stacked. The inventive and piece-appropriate cold connections in Making Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed Media Artists will empower artists to follow their dreams and create ground-breaking jewelry which has been liberated from traditional constraints. Featuring a wide variety of cold-join techniques from the commonly used to the amazingly new, this beautiful handbook is the first on cold connections and combines the art of jewelry making with modern craft assemblage, which metal workers can use to spark creativity and look at their craft in new, innovative ways. Proving everyday found objects—staples, rivets, fibers, resins—can be used to make beautiful jewelry, sculpture, or mixed media, this guide explains how to craft original works with just about anything. Each chapter offers a new technique with a different attaching method along with descriptive sketches showing the connecting layers. This handy crafter’s resource showcases a gallery of 23 top jewelry artists and offers insights, philosophies, and techniques as well as pages of creative musings and stunning photos of marionettes and jewelry.