Talisman Workshop in Guatemala

Talisman: A Jewelry Workshop in Guatemala

OCTOBER 21 – 29, 2018


Have you ever caught sight of something that took your breath away? A piece of jewelry that spoke to your soul? Who made it? Where is it from? What story does it tell? And, could you ever make something so meaningful? The answer is yes. A resounding, hand-carved yes.
Talented artist Susan Lenart Kazmer joins us in Antigua, Guatemala for just this: to create a special talisman immersed in sacred experience and personal significance, refined technique and historic meaning. To practice mindfulness in the pursuit and creation of your art.

SLK Guatemala Our Talisman workshop is a creative journey set to the spectacular backdrop of an ancient city, one of the world’s most artistic and historic. We’ll learn from innovative techniques and mixed-media mastery – resin and metal, wire and fiber, glass and organic materials. We’ll work with a local jade jeweler and true artisan, to carve a piece of jade close to your soul. A true talisman that you’ll incorporate into your final piece – a meaningful and deeply personal souvenir to take with you.

We’re leaving our everyday at home and exchanging responsibilities for the diverse beauty of Guatemala. We’re leaving our creative blocks and artistic ruts behind and embracing new techniques and even newer friends. We’re here to learn, to see, to experience, and to create – to absorb the new in a land of old.

We’ll spend our days in Antigua treading worn cobblestone paths and popping in to artisan shops. We’ll bask in the shadow of volcanoes and draw inspiration from colorful markets. We’ll investigate an ancient kingdom and learn from techniques passed down through the generations.

We’ll draw inspiration from all these sights, places and people. From today, yesterday, and centuries past. We’ll soak it all up. We’ll wrap ourselves in creativity. And along the way, we’ll carve jade and look into ourselves. We’ll fashion talismans that speak to our souls and reflect our life experiences.

And then, we’ll take it home. Take home a souvenir, crafted by our own two hands. Take home new inspirations, found in the ruins of Antigua. Take home new knowledge, learned from artisans who themselves learned from their ancestors. We’ll take with us new friendships. And we’ll take away a life-changing experience.

Come, learn with us. Adventures with us. Explore and create. Experience something new in a place older than memory. Carve, make and seek your artist’s soul. Challenge yourself to Antigua.

Tucked into the heart of Antigua, a storied historic city and once-Colonial capital, our urban accommodations are both convenient and modern, elegant and tranquil.
We’ve taken care to surround ourselves with the raw materials to create meaningful art: the vibrant, beating heart of a city that has stood for centuries, in a hotel serene enough to hear your inner artist’s voice.
Step out into Antigua, and you’re just moments on foot to the culinary and cultural bliss of this unique place – a city that effortlessly straddles the intersection of Mesoamerican cultural and the Spanish conquistadors, modern Guatemala and a burgeoning arts scene. You’re surrounded by historical monuments and stimulating museums, towering volcanoes and the wisdom of the centuries. By art and modernity, history and austerity.

Part colonial capital, part living museum, Antigua is a jewel in Guatemala’s cultural crown. Pastel urban landscapes unroll in the shadow of three volcanoes, to reveal a warren of cobblestone streets and centuries-old ruins, ancient metal work and tumbledown charm.
Here, millennia of memory and tradition permeate everyday life: it’s the cobblestone street, pastel colored facades of the tree lined streets and the baritone clang of church bells that have been rung – and mended – for centuries. It’s the vibrantly hued woven textiles and handcrafted woods that decorate the city’s markets.

And it’s the certainly the glowing green jade, which adorns not just museum exhibits, but the Antiguans themselves: hand-carved jade, long prized by Mesoamerican culture and today loved the world around. If this historic city were to claim just one symbol as its own, it would be this: lovingly sourced and expertly carved jade, or jadeite. Indeed, this is why we’ve come: to learn from the world’s foremost jade artisans, whose time-tested art send echoes resonating back through generations of their ancestors and their ancestor’s ancestors. But while we’re here, we’ll also sample the other tastes, sights and sounds Antigua has to offer: colorful market visits and mouthwatering chocolate-making, Guatemalan cooking lessons and enlightening sightseeing.

SLK Guatemala WorkshopIn the shadows cast by towering volcanoes and tumbledown ruins, Spanish Colonial architecture and bustling markets,

Antigua stands as testament to humanity’s artistry.

As guardian.

Guardian to ancient techniques and millennia of craftsmanship,
To fine silver-smithing and even finer jade carvings.

Guardian to wisdom. To knowledge. To creativity.

To techniques refined over the centuries.

Antigua welcomes us.
Guatemala invites us.


Find your soul. Embrace your art. Seek your talisman.

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